Welcome to CEPI Eurokraft
European Producers of Sack Kraft Paper and Kraft Paper

Cepi Eurokraft is the European Association for Producers of Sack Kraft Paper for the Paper Sack Industry
and Kraft Paper for the Packaging Industries. 
It has ten member companies representing a volume of almost 2,5 Million tons of paper produced in ten countries.

"The mission is to promote business interests of the industry, to follow
influence packaging directives and legislation and
to provide services to the members."

2014-04-17 | Reports for March

The reports for March have now been published in the members section.

2013-10-28 | New Senior Adviser of CEPI Eurokraft

Stina Blombäck new Senior Adviser of CEPI Eurokraft

Stina Blombäck has succeeded Bengt Nordin as Senior Adviser of CEPI Eurokraft and Eurosac.

Stina Blombäck has many years of experience from Pulp, Paper and Energy Industries. From 2001 until 2010 Stina Blombäck was CEO at Billerud Karlsborg Pulp and Paper Mill. In the years 2010 – 2013 she was Sustainability and Energy Director of BillerudKorsnas.

Bengt Nordin will remain in CEPI Eurokraft as chairman of the Board.

We are happy to welcome Stina Blombäck to our organization.

CEPI Eurokraft

Anders Hedin                                                                                                                                   

Secretary General                                                                                                      

2013-09-04 | Europe recycles 71,7% of paper and board!

Today the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) announced an impressive 71.7% paper recycling rate for Europe. Since 2000 the ERPC has worked consistently on improving the quantity and quality of paper available for recycling. The ERPC monitoring report releases extra insights into the wider context of paper recycling revealing that Europe is the global champion in this field. 

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