Performance powered by nature

Performance powered by nature campaign

Watermelon, egg, walnut, coconut, pineapple – nature provides amazing organic packaging solutions that offer great benefits. Inspired by nature’s accomplishments, our industry creates high-performance packaging solutions that are based on natural fibres and designed to meet our customers’ needs. Whether those needs relate to moisture protection, safety and ease of use, material efficiency or a long shelf life, we offer innovative, market-oriented solutions that are good for business and good for the environment.

Market-oriented innovation

Market-oriented innovation

Sustainable growth means functioning perfectly in the current environment without compromising the quality of life of future generations. In the paper sack industry, we design individual and natural packaging solutions that best suit our customers’ particular products as well as their economic interests.

Market-oriented innovation

Strong product protection

The coconut shell is one of the hardest organic materials produced by nature. Inspired by its performance, we continuously invest in the development of innovative packaging solutions that combine strong product protection with excellent environmental sustainability.

Market-oriented innovation

Long shelf life

Storing nuts in their natural shells significantly extends their shelf life. When stored at an ideal temperature and in low humidity, shelled walnuts can keep for up to one or two years. Thanks to high-quality sack kraft paper produced from 100% natural fibres, as well as recent developments in paper technology, our paper sacks perfectly retain the quality of the packed products during storage..

Market-oriented innovation

High material efficiency

Although an eggshell is extremely fragile (about 0.3 mmthick),  its unusual dome-shaped end makes it a “tough nut to crack” when you squeeze its ends between the palms of your hands. The ratio of shell to total egg weight is around 1:10. Paper sacks are even more efficient. Depending on the product, the weight ratio to their contents can be up to 1:250.

Market-oriented innovation

Reliable moisture protection

A watermelon contains about 91% water. Its rind protects the interior flesh from outside influences and keeps it juicy. When it comes to bulk packaging solutions, the trick is not to keep the moisture in, but to keep it out. Paper sacks offer reliable, cost-effective protection against dampness and moisture.


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