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PRESS RELEASE: Milestone for the Circular Economy

PRESS RELEASE: Study shows benefits of recycling paper sacks

PRESS RELEASE: Closing the loop with paper carrier bags

PRESS RELEASE: Continuous improvement of environmental footprint of paper sacks

PRESS RELEASE: Strong, reliable, reusable – trust your paper bag!

PRESS RELEASE: Maximising the recyclability of paper sacks

PRESS RELEASE: EUROSAC Congress 2023: From nature to nature

PRESS RELEASE: Industry Guidelines – High-quality paper carrier bags

New video: Why paper bags are strong brand ambassadors

PRESS RELEASE: EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft celebrate a combined 160 years of innovative power

PRESS RELEASE: Paper sacks on the move – EUROSAC Congress 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges sustainably with paper sacks

European Paper Bag Day 2021 outcome

PRESS RELEASE: 4th European Paper Bag Day: contributing to a sustainable future


PRESS RELEASE: Committed to action – insights from EUROSAC Congress 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Significant improvement of environmental footprint of paper sacks

PRESS RELEASE: Enhancing a brand’s value with paper bags

PRESS RELEASE: Reusability of paper bags promoted by third European Paper Bag Day

PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable forest management – a central element in the value chain of paper bags

PRESS RELEASE: CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC launches new food contact guideline for paper packaging

Updated ESG Food Contact Guidelines for paper sacks

Video: Shelf life study of paper sacks and plastic sacks – animation video

Article in World Cement about testing of shelf life of cement in paper sacks: Paper versus plastic

PRESS RELEASE: Paper and plastic sacks provide equivalent shelf life

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrating the second European Paper Bag Day

Food contact guidelines for the compliance of paper & board materials and articles

Article in World Cement, January 2019: Paper beats plastic

European Paper Bag Day outcome

The European Paper Bag Day was celebrated all over Europe on October 18, 2018! The Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft, Elin Gordon, is overwhelmed of all actions initiated by both members but also by the public around the day. “This will definitely become an annual event, where we can highlight the sustainable benefits of using paper and […]

PRESS RELEASE: The Paper Bag initiates first European Paper Bag Day

PRESS RELEASE: Study finds – Paper sacks are better for the climate

Paris/Stockholm, 13 September 2018: The carbon footprint of paper cement sacks is 2.5 times smaller than the carbon footprint of form-fill-seal (FFS) polyethylene cement sacks. This is the outcome of a comparative study by the Swedish research institute RISE on behalf of the European Paper Sack Research Group (ESG), a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and […]

PRESS RELEASE: EUROSAC Congress 2018 demonstrates strong commitment of paper sack industry

Paris/Stockholm, 27 June 2018: This year’s annual EUROSAC Congress “Paper sacks – the natural commitment” was held in Malta from 24 to 25 May 2018. It provided a forum to discuss the circular economy approach of the European paper sack and sack kraft paper industry, recent market developments as well as the activities of the […]

VIDEOS: The tear resistance of industrial paper sacks

The following videos are part of a four-part series about the tensile strength of industrial paper bags by German Association GemPSI. Tear resistance of industrial paper sacks Why are paper sacks so strong? How do they become resistant? This video explains the tear resistance which depends on the length and quality of the fibres used and the […]

PRESS RELEASE: How to handle industrial paper sacks properly – new handling recommendations give guidance

When filling, storing or distributing industrial paper sacks, poor handling practices can increase the risk of damage to paper sack materials or filled paper sacks. The handling recommendations for paper sacks launched by the European Sack Group – a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC – provide illustrative information about risks as well as best-practice […]

Carbon footprint of the European paper sack

For more than 15 years the kraft paper and paper sack industry has run studies to measure its environmental impact, providing the basis for continuous improvement. The latest Carbon Footprint / LCI Study has shown improvements in 4 main categories: Reduction in purchased electricity Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions Optimisation of material use Reduction in […]

PRESS RELEASE: Paper carrier bag converters and kraft paper producers join forces for a sustainable world

Paper bags gain ground in Europe Paper carrier bag converters and kraft paper producers join forces for a sustainable world With the launch of an informative web presence and their first publication “The Green Book”, the platform “The Paper Bag” sets off. It was founded by the leading European kraft paper manufacturers and producers of […]

PRESS RELEASE: Let’s talk about paper sacks – EUROSAC Congress 2017

During the congress, the latest innovations of the European paper sack and sack kraft paper industry were honoured with the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award. The German company dy-pack scored a hat trick with its new dy-vest concept and was successful against the entries of BillerudKorsnäs and Mimcord. The congress “Performance powered by nature. Let’s talk!” […]

Translations of Industry Guidelines Dust-free paper sacks

There are now translations available of our Industry Guidelines Dust-free paper sacks into English, German, Italian and French language. You can find them here.

PRESS RELEASE: Convincing arguments for paper sacks for food

Numerous requirements in terms of hygiene, handling and storage practices have to be taken into account when packaging food products. The European paper sack and sack kraft paper industry has contributed many developments that make paper sacks the perfect packaging for food. Download the press release in: English version Italian version German version French version

PRESS RELEASE: Tight seal for high product protection

Due to their natural properties, paper sacks offer considerable efficiency advantages when compared to alternative sack packaging. With its continuous development efforts, the paper sack and sack kraft paper industry has been able to make the filling process faster and smoother as well as enhancing the performance of paper sacks in the supply chain. Ultrasonic […]

PRESS RELEASE, Germany: Tragetaschen aus Papier – der Umwelt zuliebe

Im Juli trat die freiwillige Vereinbarung zwischen der deutschen Bundesumweltministerin und dem Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) über die kostenpflichtige Abgabe von Tragetaschen in Kraft. Ziel ist es, damit den Plastiktütenverbrauch in den Mitgliedsstaaten zu senken und so die heute schon dramatische Verschmutzung der Weltmeere zu mindern. Doch auch beim Kauf einer Tragetasche können die Verbraucher aktiv […]

PRESS RELEASE: New video demonstrates that intuition gives good guidance in industry decisions

Good choices come naturally. So why not simply do the right thing when looking for sustainable packaging? This is the decisive question asked in the new video launched recently by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. It demonstrates how we intuitively know what to do in different situations to accomplish our objectives – whether on a date, […]

VIDEO RELEASE: Good choices come naturally

The new video by CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC shows how we intuitively distinguish between right and wrong in different situations – whether on a date, at the supermarket or in terms of a sustainable lifestyle. So why not simply do the right thing when looking for sustainable packaging? Good choices come naturally. Click here to […]

PRESS RELEASE: Paper sack innovations for present and future needs

In accordance with the motto “Present and future needs”, the paper sack industry held this year’s EUROSAC Congress in Marseille, France, from 26 to 28 May. It showcased its latest innovations and elected the winner of the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award 2016. In addition, activities were presented that have been launched in order to achieve […]

PRESS RELEASE, Sweden: Viktigt välja rätt bärkasse

Globalt är nedskräpning i form av plast ett av de största hoten mot den biologiska mångfalden i havet. Större plastpartiklar orsakar olika slags skador på däggdjur och fåglar. Mikropartiklar av plast kan tas upp i vattenlevande organismer och på så sätt komma in i livsmedelskedjan.1 EU beslutade år 2015 att alla medlemsstater kraftigt ska minska […]

Article in World Cement “Paper sacks meet high demands”

Catherine Kerninon, EUROSAC, and Elin Floresjö, CEPI Eurokraft, provide an overview on the latest developments in the paper sack and sack kraft paper industry and present the results of recent market research conducted by the Swedish Research & Development Institute Innventia. Download as pdf.

PRESS RELEASE: European Sack Group launches Industry Guidelines for dust-free paper sacks

Paris/Stockholm, 10 May 2016: Poor filling and handling practices as well as the use of inferior material and construction principles adversely affect the cleanliness of paper sacks along the supply chain. The first Industry Guidelines for dust-free paper sacks – presently published online by the European Sack Group, a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC […]

Industry Guidelines Dust-free paper sacks

Article in International Cement Review “A bag of tricks”

The packaging of cement needs to meet several conditions. Not only are cement bags required to stand up against the everyday rigours of handling, they also need to protect the contents from deteriorating factors such as moisture ingress and leave as small an environmental footprint as possible when no longer required.

PRESS RELEASE: Paper sacks: perfect product protection and low damage rates

A recent investigation conducted by the Swedish research and technology institute Innventia has found very low damage rates to paper sacks on the way from the filler to the retail store. Most product losses occur due to poor handling practices at retail sites and can be avoided by informing and educating the responsible staff. Download […]

PRESS RELEASE: The Paper Packaging Industry’s view on the Circular Economy Legislative Package

Today, December 2, the European Commission launched the new Circular Economy legislative package. The Paper Packaging Coordination Group comprises the major European paper and board packaging associations¹ which represent the interests of a wide range of packaging products used in transport, retail and consumer packaging. Paper and board packaging is based on a renewable resource […]

PRESS RELEASE: Video shows amazing performance of paper sacks

“The Amazing Paper Sacks of Dr. Strong and Mr. Wright” is the title of the new video which has just been launched by EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. It entertainingly shows how well the natural packaging solutions of the European kraft paper and paper sack industry perform, even under extreme conditions. Download the press release in: […]

VIDEO RELEASE: Amazing Paper Sacks

PRESS RELEASE: Impressive environmental results for paper sacks

Between 2007 and 2012, the European kraft paper and paper sack industry significantly improved its carbon footprint. This is the conclusion reached by a recent study conducted by the Swedish research institute Innventia, which regularly analyses the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain of the European paper sack industry on behalf of EUROSAC and […]

PRESS RELEASE: Continuous Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

This year’s EUROSAC Congress, “The Paper Sack in 2015 – Modern, High Tech, Innovative”, was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 4 to 6 June. The congress was the perfect platform to showcase the latest innovations launched by the paper sack industry and also to review the huge technological developments which have been made by paper […]

PRESS RELEASE: Opportunity for paper carrier bags

The European Parliament has just voted in favour of an amendment to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. This new legislation, which is designed to regulate plastic carrier bags less than 50 μm thick, opens up a great opportunity for paper carrier bags. Read more here: Opportunity for paper carrier bags

PRESS RELEASE: Innventia research study reveals paper cement sacks offer considerable cost and efficiency benefits for cement fillers

A new market research study by Innventia AB, a Swedish research and technology institute, has revealed that paper cement sacks offer considerable cost and efficiency benefits for fillers and are also seen as a more environmentally sound product, when compared with plastic sacks. Read the whole press release here: English version: Pressrelease Paper sacks No […]

Summary Market study

A Market survey highlights advantages of paper sacks for cement fillers! A market research survey was commissioned by The European Paper Sack Research Group, ESG, in order to understand the key influencing and motivating factors behind cement filler preferences that may lead them to switch from paper sack solutions to plastic (ffs) sacks. ESG is […]

New office CEPI Eurokraft

CEPI Eurokraft has a new Office from15th of September 2014.

New Secretary General

Elin Floresjö is from now on the Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft. She will also be responsible for all the administrative work when Bozena Formela retires at the end of this month.

New Senior Adviser of CEPI Eurokraft

Stina Blombäck has succeeded Bengt Nordin as Senior Adviser of CEPI Eurokraft and Eurosac. Stina Blombäck has many years of experience from Pulp, Paper and Energy Industries. From 2001 until 2010 Stina Blombäck was CEO at Billerud Karlsborg Pulp and Paper Mill. In the years 2010 – 2013 she was Sustainability and Energy Director of […]

Europe recycles 71,7% of paper and board!

Today the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) announced an impressive 71.7% paper recycling rate for Europe. Since 2000 the ERPC has worked consistently on improving the quantity and quality of paper available for recycling. The ERPC monitoring report releases extra insights into the wider context of paper recycling revealing that Europe is the global champion […]

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