Why paper bags are strong brand ambassadors

View the latest video Why paper bags are strong brand ambassadors released for the 5th European Paper Bag Day, October 18, 2022.

Paper bags are great shopping companions

The theme for this year European Paper Bag Day is “Paper bags are great shopping companions”, and it focusses on the unique strength of paper bags that allows them to carry a wide variety of items and withstand the rigors of transportation. The key to performance lies in the material and the construction of the bag. Paper bags can be produced from virgin kraft paper which is especially developed for demanding packaging. Due to its long natural fibres, it has a high level of mechanical strength. The choice of glue and the proficient construction of the handles add even more to a bag’s strength. The durability of a paper bag can be measured in accordance with the European test standard EN13590:2003, a quality certification system which ensures that bags can hold a certain weight and volume. Thanks to their strength, paper bags can be reused several times and accompany many different shopping trips before they are recycled.

More information on the European Paper Bag Day

The European Paper Bag Day takes place on 18 October every year. It was launched by “The Paper Bag” platform in 2018. The annual action day aims to raise awareness among consumers about paper carrier bags as sustainable and efficient packaging that contributes to fighting climate change and environmental pollution.

In a world facing changing requirements due to globalization, climate change and the scarcity of raw materials, consumers are increasingly adopting sustainable lifestyle choices. Using paper bags is an expression of this modern, responsible lifestyle – it helps to fight climate change and reduce plastic waste in the environment. Taking responsibility for the environment can be that simple – and it is an important cornerstone of preserving our planet for future generations.

By celebrating the European Paper Bag Day, “The Paper Bag” wants to encourage more people to act responsibly and use, reuse and recycle paper bags. With the ongoing activities, the association wants to open a dialogue with consumers and give them revealing insights about paper packaging. By combining their personal packaging choices with a good choice for the environment, consumers are taking action for a better climate and reducing plastic waste in nature.

How to participate
All communication activities taking place around the action day are communicated on the social media channels of the “The Paper Bag” under the hashtag #EuropeanPaperBagDay: on the Facebook fan page “Performance powered by nature” and the LinkedIn profiles of EUROSAC and CEPI Eurokraft. Consumers are invited to participate in the discussions, using the hashtag. You can also use our logo to highlight your activities.

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