Recyclable single-use paper and board packaging as a leading circular

and sustainable solution in a climate-neutral economy

Fibre Packaging Europe supports the EU’s Green Deal ambitions and the Circular Economy Action Plan,
which offer a crucial opportunity to move the EU towards a more circular and climate-neutral economy.
Packaging sourced from renewable wood and recycled paper and board, generally referred to as fibre-based
packaging, actively contributes to the green transition by phasing out fossil-based materials and their
associated emissions. Reducing waste, increasing recyclability and recycling, and improving the overall
environmental performance of products will be essential in delivering the EU’s sustainability ambitions. We
call on EU policymakers to ensure that the future overhaul of the regulatory framework on packaging,
including the upcoming revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive as well as the Sustainable
Products Initiative, is based on sound data and evidence.

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