The following videos are part of a four-part series about the tensile strength of industrial paper bags by German Association GemPSI.

Tear resistance of industrial paper sacks

Why are paper sacks so strong? How do they become resistant? This video explains the tear resistance which depends on the length and quality of the fibres used and the construction of the sack. The tear resistance can be measured using the tensile energy absorption (TEA) test.

Drop test of paper sacks

A filled industrial paper sack is dropped from a drop table at a height of five meters to test its tear resistance. This is almost three times the requested maximum height of fall!

Expert interview about the tear resistance of industrial paper sacks

Why are industrial paper sacks tear resistant? How is a typical sack built? Can the tear strengh of a sack be determined? The paper and packaging expert Erwin Polmann from the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) in Munich responds to questions about the tear resistance of industrial paper sacks.

An examination of the tear resistance of paper sacks under real conditions

The video shows an industrial paper sack in real stress situations in the production plants of Sika Deutschland GmbH in Rosendahl. In the plants, building materials such as special screeds or powder adhesives are filled into paper sacks at high speeds. From filling, palletizing and handling to commissioning and transport – thanks to their high tensile strength, the paper sacks exceed the stress situations without damage.