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State-of-the-art packaging solutions

The industry’s latest innovations are presented each year at the EUROSAC Grand Prix Award ceremony. The main criterion of the competition is that the sack solutions must add value to our industry – whether in terms of innovation, sustainable development, design, high-quality printing or as a customer message carrier.

EUROSAC Grand Prix Award 2015

The 2015 entries demonstrate the dynamism of the paper sack industry in developing sustainable paper packaging solutions to meet specific customer demands. The award-winning SAFEdy Showerproof by dy-pack provides protection against moisture, air and gas penetration and can be stored outside, even in wet conditions. The solution consists of a coated paper bag with a new de-aeration concept. It is suitable for use with existing paper sack filling Machines.

BillerudKorsnäs’ D-Sack® for cement can be placed whole into the cement mixer, where it breaks up and integrates with the cement or mortar without having any negative effect on quality. This eliminates waste and improves cement utilization, as well as workers’ health and safety.

Mondi’s water-resistant, paper-based HYBRIDPRO sack for building materials has turned the traditional sack construction inside out, with a high-density PE layer acting as a protective outer ply. The sack provides long-lasting protection from rain and a prolonged shelf life and can be printed in up to eight colours.

The Window Bag for animal feed by Saccarta contains a window made of plastic to allow people to see inside the sack. The high-porosity paper lets the product breathe, preventing mould and germination, without letting insects or other biological contaminants enter the sack.

Award-winning sack solutions from previous years

Winner 2012 – ease of handling

The LEOSystem by dy-pack is particularly easy to handle. Sacks can be opened cleanly, avoiding product contamination from paper fibres. The paper sack can be emptied completely and easily without spilling the product. LEOSystem offers a sustainable packaging solution for food, building materials and animal feed.

Winner 2011 – special opening

The Effusion Bag by Mondi Industrial Bags has a funnel-shaped opening for improved dosing of the product.. The opening is easy to form and can be reclosed to keep the remaining content for later use. A PE-free film as second ply provides additional protection against humidity and increases the storage life of the filled sacks.

Winner 2010 – entirely biodegradable

The Terra Bag by Mondi Industrial Bags has one or more plies of paper with a biodegradable film for humidity protection. The sack is certified to EN 13432, is entirely biodegradable and has been optimised for industrial composting, turning waste into valuable humus. It saves non-renewable resources and has a reduced environmental impact and lower CO2 emissions.

Winner 2009 – seven strong features

The SuperSeven sack by Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza is a high-tech aluminium-coated paper sack with seven essential features: barrier to light, barrier to moisture, barrier to oxygen, barrier to carbon dioxide, high strength and sturdiness, excellent heat sealability and high-tech feel. Its silver colour is printed on a white glossy paper with a UV coating.

Winner 2008 – improved de-aeration

Thanks to the lack of microperforations and grooves, the Sheekan bag by Smurfit Kappa Lembacel allows better de-aeration of the sack during filling. This increases the filling speed and provides better product protection.

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