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About us

CEPI Eurokraft is the European Association for Producers of Sack Kraft Paper for the Paper Sack Industry and Kraft Paper for the Packaging Industry.

It was established in the 1930´s to represent the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Kraft paper manufacturers. Since then the Association has changed from year to year, and now it covers 11 member companies representing around 2,5 Million tons of paper produced in 10 European conuntries.

The mission of the Association:

  • Follow and influence packaging directives and legislations
  • Study and inform on impact of these papers
  • Coordinate ideas for ultimate communication to EU bodies and other common audiences
  • Safeguard common interests of members vis-à-vis international authorities and associations
  • Coordinate activities with other organizations, especially organizations for paper production and paper converting
  • Form forums for its members for matters of common interests
  • Initiate Life Cycle and Carbon Footprint studies
  • Promote paper as renewable and sustainable resource for packaging
  • Gather and process statistical data
  • Arrange meetings/seminars on special subjects
  • Provide and alert members of important changes and initiative in legislation

CEPI Eurokraft cooperates with other Associations, like:

  • CITPA (International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europé)
  • CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries)
  • EUROSAC (European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sack Manufacturers)

CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC have a close cooperation within the group ESG (European Paper Sack Research Group) where studies and seminars are held to their both members.

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